Dr Future - Bridge To The Universe (Jan Hammer Edit)

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I remember when I first started the demo "Freaked Out" by the crusaders and the music started to play - I was just blown away by it. Not only that I was fascinated by the little kind of video that scrolled about the top of the screen, but the music was the most beautiful I have ever heard on the Amiga so far. Dr.Awesome went straight from zero to rank #1 in my Music-Hero charts and did more to my own music-education than anybody else. By listening to his tracks over and over (and over) and studying them in Protracker I learned my 1st lessions about 4/4, harmonies and the structure of a song.

So the meaning of this remix is simple: "Thank you Bjorn, live long and prosper!".
Like always, a very nice remix by the Doc.
Really very good stuff...
Its alright, dont like that lead sound at all though..
A faithful cover!
A tidy version.
A good cover, but the lead irritates so much
Good cover, but can't quite match Dr. Awesome's own updated version.
Most underrated Remix on AmigaRemix up to now (imho). Great stuff, though the intro could have been shorter (i tend to skip it).
One of the better remixes on the site! Really good stuff.
It's not a bad effort. I quite like it.
Awesome, nothing more to say.:-)
Almost an orange.

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