Dr Future - Auf Wiedersehen Monty

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Yes!! Nice start and I really like the transition from 8bit to modern in the intro. And the guitar solo is awesome as usual!
01:00 - hey, where is the guitar? 02:00 - Oh yeah!
Love the retro intro, then the 80s style bass and then thankfully the guitar. Great remix!
I like the 8-bit intro style then transition to 'modern' instruments.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Here's what I like:

  1. The original SID as intro transforming into the modern production. Well done.
  2. The 80s feeling that I get from the instrumentation (especially the drums).
  3. The lead guitar.
  4. Good, balanced mix.

Here's what I don't like:

  1. Boring drum sequence. Sure, every 4 bars it adds a break with toms, but that's about it (and even that break is the same every time).
  2. Boring bass sequence. It's not that the one in the original SID is that exciting, but at least that adds variations to it from time to time to keep it interesting. Here we find none of that, there are just no subtleties to it at all.
  3. That improv sequence from 2:44. Usually, I greet these with great enthusiasm, but here it just doesn't seem to add much to the song.