BeeZerk - Tintin On The Moon

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Tintin On The Moon
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Joyful Track with a filtered Attitude.

Have Phun!

I don't think this is BeeZerk's best but I love his style so much. Production value alone is EXCELLENT!
Simply BeeZerkish... :D
Agreed, not Beezerks best - but it makes me happy all the same!:)
Yet another well done BeeZerk-Song. Technically it's all there, but your songs start to sound all quite the same. New sounds, new ideas please!;)
Bee's a funky little f***er and love the bass makes my speakers all happy
A very nice and still funky remix of the SID in a typically BeeZerk style. I like it!:)
Excellent, simply put.
Simply OUTRAGOUS which is already obvious during the first 30secs.!! THAT's what I call a MASTERPIECE-production!
I think LaLa nailed it in the review. It's a great production, but arrangement and structure-wise it just wanders too much.
BeeZerk, I love your basslines!
Fast, furious, funny. Exacltly how Tintin on the Moon should be.
Makes my brain feel like it's soaking in a warm bath!
It has the beat right, excelent melody, some drums a little bit of magic is missing only and puff great work;)
Never hear a remix like that bevor
Nice quality (as usual)! I like the flute in this one. Really nice mood!
Dont' see where is Tintin... Moreover it's a very good tune, with Daft Punk effects! Great!
Nice one.
Feel-good stuff! As always!
Love it!
YES! Deserved red smiley!
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This SID is near and dear to my heart, so maybe my expectations were too high, but this remix is just wandering left and right aimlessly and doesn't go anywhere. It holds so much promise until about 1:30 but then - nothing. We get simple piano instead. Sorry, that just doesn't do it for me. Then it builds up again and - nothing. It's frustrating to listen to!

It has all the right elements to make it a great remix, it just seems to be afraid to go that far. Too bad.