amoon - The Stationary Ark

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The Stationary Ark
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amoon Newcomer
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Like many of you, I loved Synth Sample and I am infinitely grateful to Georg Feil for introducing me, as a child, to composers like J.M. Jarre and Vangelis, whom I would have discovered much later otherwise. Regarding The Stationary Ark, Georg didn't leave us many details apart from the title, so I had to wait for the advent of the internet (Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.) to discover that it was a documentary TV series hosted by zoologist Gerald Durrell, dedicated to our planet and the animals that inhabit it.

Inspired by Vangelis's track Albedo 0.39 which lists the astronomical data of planet Earth, I took up Georg Feil's iconic melodic line and decided to continue where Vangelis left off, adding the biological data of the planet, as well as those atmospheric and chemical characteristics that make life possible on what is, in every way, an ark floating in space.
The changing voices throughout the remix (from an adult woman to a teenager to a child) are meant to represent the continuous passing of the ark's legacy to future generations.


Wonderful piece! Keep up the good work.
Really cool remix! Well done.
This remix sums up the whole story of this piece
Beautifully atmospheric
I'm interested in a version without voices!
WITHOUT the vocals please!
Review by Glyn R. Brown


Artistic skill

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Now this is one educational remix, Ha!… Behind those spoken words sits a very emotional & beautifully crafted composition, just what I needed 😊 I really enjoyed this remix…