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I have been a bit behind of my remixes of lately. I have suffered a mild stoke and almost 100% back to normal. Looking forward to getting back to work. Hopefully I will get my all my senses back to normal. Only thing is now I have bit of ringing in my ears and it might affect my mix, but my mixes have never been perfect, so don't fret, it might take sometime to get them out.


Starting all over agian with Delta my very first upload. Added some things, like a slow movement with a acc. guitar and chaged somethings in the melody to keep things interesting.


Be safe out there.

Hey there! Thanks for the treat. I had been missing your guitars and winds here.
The opening and end, with the guitar parts are really refreshing for a delta mix, but I felt the synth section is a bit too safe for my liking, I want the whole track to deliver on the promise of the opening! That said, this is really nice.
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It starts (and ends) GREAT with that guitar play that strongly reminded me of Wilco's How to fight loneliness. Would have loved the whole track to be treated in that laid back style. The sandwiched part is not bad either, but a litte bit too generic for my taste. However, I very much enjoyed your remix! Recover well soon!