QuadraSID Reviewed.

13/08/2001The Much talked about QuadraSID has now been reviewed for remix64 by Ex C64 composer Thomas Detert of Xample. Checkout the Review pages to see if the hype fits the product
Submitted by Tas

David Whittaker Leaves EA.

29/07/2001David Whittaker has decided to leave Electronic Arts. He arrives back in the U.K on the 4th August.

Submitted by Tas

Quadrasid goes Mac.

15/07/2001ReFX has announced that the Mac version is now available. For Two weeks you can purchase this for the introductary price of $30.

Demo Versions are available for both the PC and MAC with a reduced feature set.
Submitted by Tas

Martin Walker CD

22/06/2001For those unaware there is a CD available for purchase by Martin Walker. ANCIENT SEAS retails at £12.00 plus P&P.
Submitted by Tas

Oxygene 8 remix competition winners

18/06/2001The two winning remixes of the Oxygene 8 remix contest by Bart ten Brinke and Trace are now available for download at the competition screen!

Submitted by LMan

Back In Time Live Audio CD

04/06/2001There will be an Audio CD of Back in Time Live, crammed with
great C64 dance mixes, including lots you haven't heard on RKO

Release date: Unconfirmed.
Submitted by Tas

QuadraSID 6581 now released

13/05/2001QuadraSID for Microsoft Windows is available right now. Order yours today for the introductionary price of only $30. After the 21st of May 2001 the new price will be $60. The MAC version will follow soon (only one nasty bug to fix) for the same prices.

Remember there is also another way to grab your self a copy. Why not enter Our exclusive competition and you could be walking away with it for free!!!
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 Officially launched on 17/04/2001


We are now open...

Just to point out a few things before you check out the site. The Magazine is not fully developed, but we have opened the site up to you. Please be aware that we will be constantly developing the magazine...

Take a look, Read the news and interviews, checkout the back in time 3 preview, post a message on the 5 available messageboards....

Your feedback is also welcomed.

Further additions to be added are:
A c64 remix review submission database, Commercial CD Reviews, Editorials, and many many other features.....

We would love to hear your comments!

Submitted by Tas

New CD release from Huelsbeck

12/04/2001It was announced reciently that Chris Huelsbeck has released a new c64 music cd. This CD can be bought from your local retailer or from www.zyx.de The Track listing is:

1. Giana Sisters (Remix 2000)
2. The Pond (Apydia Level 3)
3. War At Meadow's Edge (Apydia Level 2)
4. Dreamland
5. Katakis (Remix Edit)
6. Turrican II (Main Title)
7. The Future feat. Matine
8. Giana Sisters (Medley)
9. R-Type
10. Inka-City
11. Z-Out (Theme)
12. Gem'x
13. Battle Isle
14. To Be On Top
Submitted by Tas