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Chatroom expands to feature RemixCommodore

16/04/2003Further to enhancing remix64, The chatroom that many people have been enjoying has now expanded to incorperate the newly found RemixCommodore co-op.

You can join the new chatroom by clicking on the link below.

If using Mirc or another alternative please join EFnet and enter #RemixCommodore.
Submitted by Tas has paid over £20000 to composers since 1998!

13/04/ announces it has now paid over £20,000 in total to SID composers since the first remix CD release in 1998 (Back in Time 1)

This represents the lion’s share of the profits on the CDs, with the rest being spent on live events such as Back in Time Live, investment in more CDs, and equipment to produce better remixes. releases C64 remix CDs for the good of the original composers, and this figure was made public to highlight that support. is also using its time and resources for composers such as Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish and Martin Galway in protecting their work from unauthorised commercial usage like Zombie Nation, and in encouraging the music world to take more notice of C64 music and the SID sound: a strategy will see C64-related albums and singles coming from other record labels by the end of the year, around the world.

Submitted by Chris Abbott

Winner Announced!

08/04/2003The result of the Bitlive Germany Theme competition has now been announced on the competition pages of remix64.

May i extend my warm congratulations to ifadeo.
Submitted by Tas


06/04/2003Added to the editorial is a piece that i wrote shortly after going online.

The article is called, The Pull Me In Factor. It gives a new perspective on the reasons why Shadow Skimmer by Markus Schneider isn't right up there in the top 10. At least it's my point of view!
Submitted by Tas

Changed and improved credits and info page.

10/03/2003The Credits and Info page at r64 (click on the c64 logo) has been brought upto date with new credits and information.
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 extends charts to incorperate AMIGAremix

07/03/2003Following on from the news article below, it's now possible to vote and view the AMIGAremix charts from within remix64. At present other features which the c64 scene enjoy are not available to the Amigaremix scene for the time being (info pages/reviews etc).
Submitted by Tas

Bitlive Germany competition.

04/03/2003just a reminder to those who are intending to enter the Bitlive Germany theme competition that the deadline for work to be in is the 1st April 2003.

Details of this competition are found on the competition page of remix64.
Submitted by Tas

The All new Commdore Forum

24/02/2003The forum at remix64 now serves four major websites. The forum now named..The commodre forum incorporates Remix64 ofcourse,RKO,C64, and the new up and coming AMIGAremix.

Submitted by Tas

Amiga Remix site online!

23/02/2003Announced today that finally (and a long time coming)is an amiga remix submission site in the same vain as RKO. The website currently holds 10 remixes, but i'd expect that to increase overtime.

Remix64 will follow the events closely.
Submitted by Tas

The Bitlive Germany Preview

07/02/2003Check in at the articles section of remix64 to read an exclusive preview of Bitlive Germany. Comes complete with words from the organiser Dr. Future.
Submitted by Tas