Quick Take - An Interview with Mr Weebl

A short interview with Mr Weebl, the artist behind the latest remix album SID Life Crisis that was released in January, 2023.

An Interview with Neil Brennan

Not much came out of Australia game wise. If you can come up with more than an handful of publishers then you certainly know your stuff. There was one company that managed to break the curve and hell what a company it was. Melbourne House along with the developing arm of Beam Software was well regarded as a company that delivered quality games. The Hobbit, Castle of Terror, Way of the exploading fist were just some of many great games to come from this legendary company and with a great company came a great musician, Neil Brennan. Neil has kindly taken time to have a chat with us about his time as a musician, a game composer, and a computer programmer.

An Interview With Warren Pilkington (2020 Edition)

Warren Pilkington (Waz) has been involved with the c64 scene for decades in various ways. He's provided content for several magazines. He's a former member of HVSC and has ripped many c64 SID's for the cause. He's also an accomplished sid musician. Yet, he often goes under the radar due to his humbleness. In this Interview I've enlisted the help from well known contacts. LaLa, Dan Gilgrass, Barry Thompsn (Tomsk), Peter Clarke and myself fire away the questions in extraordinary in depth interview.

"SID Chip Club" - An In-Depth Discussion About the Album and About the LMan Behind It

After a highly successful Kickstarter LMan has recently published a new album called SID Chip Club. Even though technically it's not a remix album, I thought that the story of how the album was made is still very interesting - and this also gave me an excuse to try to get to know the man behind it.

An Interview with Romeo Knight

Key points of discussion are:

  • Music on the Amiga
  • Red Sector/TRSI
  • Remixing c64 classics
  • The use of real Instuments when remixing

An Interview with Paul Hughes

Key points of discussion are:


• A chance meeting with composer Peter Clarke

• Working at Ocean Software

• Freeload (Ocean Loader)

• Copy Protection

• Life after Ocean Software

An interview with Imre Olajos, jr. (Lala)

Key points of discussion are:

• Growing up in Hungary with the C64.

• His time and role at HVSC.

• Reviewing and Supporting the remixers.



An Interview with Jens-Christian Huus (Chordian)

Key points of discussion are:


• c64 composing

• Vibrants and his music editor

• DeepSid

• GameDeed


An Interview with Peter Clarke

Key points of Discussion are:

• His composing days on the c64

• His time at Ocean Software

• His working relationship with Martin Galway

• His current work within the remix64 scene

• His own musicial works


An Interview With Glyn R Brown (2020 Edition)

Here we have Glyn's Second Interview for Remix64. Key points of descussion are:


Reworks of his classic Firelord and Times of Lore

His Album V.One

Various You Tube Projects

A complete Soundtrack Composed as a film score of series of SID's from the C64

A possible collaboration of two of the scne's heavyweights.

C64 Music Scene

An article about the C64 music scene by Steve Drysdale. Contains interviews with Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway, Reyn Ouwehand, Chris Abbott, Alistair 'Boz' Bowness, Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie

An interview with dafunk

Volker 'Dr Future' Buckow has been busy again, this time interviewing one of our brightest shining stars on the remixing heaven, Dejan dafunk Subotin…

An Interview with Weebl

by LMan

Weebl, famous for his award winning website, has recently published his first c64 remix at Remix.Kwed.Org. Read about how the c64 had an impact on his life.

An Interview with Press Play On Tape @ Back in Time Live 2004

by Andrew Fisher

Andrew Fisher tried to get an interview with the band after their performance at St Luke's.

Sadly there wasn't time to ask many questions, so the guys agreed to do an e-mail interview after the event for RETRO GAMER… only for the interview to be dropped due to lack of space. Here it is in full for the first time anywhere…

An Interview with Maindrian

by Volker Buckow

1981? A mere strapling when the C64 first came out, Maindrian has been a guitar-driven force in the remix scene over recently. Here's his reactions to the world in general, and the C64 remix scene in particular, expertly coaxed by the inimitable Dr. Future.

An Interview with ifadeo, formerly known as 2Klang

by Volker Buckow

ifadeo is one of the more recent kool kats on the scene, and has quickly developed a style and following of his own: also, he was the winner of the BIT Live Germany theme contest. All hail!

An Interview with Larsec

by Volker Buckow

Larsec burst upon the scene like a rocket. Or a bat out of hell, depending on your preference. A taste for the dramatic and the atmospheric made him a natural choice for Remix 64 - Into Eternity.

An Interview with Infamous

by Volker Buckow

Infamous is both a C64 remixer and an Amiga remixer, and has matured into an experienced purveyor of hard-edged remixes combining rock hard beats and edgey basslines.

An Interview with Martin Galway by Claudio Sánchez

by Claudio Sánchez

Hello, I'm Claudio Sánchez, member of the forum of Lemon641, a site dedicated to the Commodore 64, one of the most known computers in Europe and USA in the eighties. Also, webmaster of The C64 Inventory2, a site with the goal of having an inventory of all existing C64s around the world. In both places you will find me as Tokafondo.

Here we have an interview with a C64 music legend, Martin Galway. He is one of the most known music composers for that machine. His work is seen in many games for that machine, and today in modern PC games like some titles of the Wing Commander series. Today he is working for Digital Anvil, a company that has a deal with Microsoft for producing games under that company's seal. After reading a lot of them available in many sites, and seeing that most of them have the same questions, I tried to have a different approach to the life and work of this man, whose name is one of the first that arises when people talk about C64 music.

An Interview with Dr. Future

by Neil Carr

It had to happen, either now or sometime in the future didn't it? A BITLIVE experience outside of the UK. Thanks to Dr. Future, the organiser it will happen, but this interview barely mentions bitlive Germany, instead we talk about the c64, music and remixing, oh and a little on bitlive Germany.

An Interview with Bastian (Interview by Bart Ten Brinke)

by Bart Ten Brinke

Whilst I was looking at ever bigger getting interviews section of Remix64, it struck me that nobody had yet interviewed my favourite SID artist: Bastian. And since Bastian is one of the few artists who is actually making Commodore-ish songs that apear in the hitparades, I decided it was definately time to do an interview with him! And after a lot of e-mails back and forth, this is the result 😊

An Interview with Anders Carlsson aka GOTO80

by Neil Carr

GOTO80 has produced a big deal of rather funky and experimental SID tunes. He composes for the c64 since the mid 90s, and is still going on today!

An Interview with Sol Sunhede

by Neil Carr

Syntax Error is a swedish radio show on the radio station "p3" which plays mainly game music.

An Interview with Mixer

by Neil Carr

Mr. Consistant. Mixer produces some fine remakes that constantly pulls votes of around 70% in the charts. All Mixers remakes are well worth downloading.