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An Interview with Sol Sunhede

by Neil Carr

Syntax Error is a swedish radio show on the radio station p3 which plays mainly game music.

Real name: Sol Sunhede
Handle: Rotmosträdet
Born: 1979
Nationality: Swedish

So tell our readers about Syntax Error?

Syntax Error is the name of a radioshow in Sweden’s biggest radiostation P3. The show plays mainly gamemusic, new and old. But also anime, demo music and other stuff. It’s 15-30 minutes long.

Syntax Error
Your show is in Swedish, can you forsee it being in a more universal language at some point (probably English)?

My homepage (It’s soon going to be is in English due to the fact that more than Swede’s like it. It’s only broadcasted in Sweden at the moment (but you can listen to it by streaming from and therefor only in Swedish. But maybe someone will translate it into other languages in the future?

At What times/dates does your show air?

Every Thursday at 20:10 (Swedish time).

What music does your show play? Is the music in the original format or reworks?

Both. Mostly in original format but good remixes are always welcome.

Does the show feature music from commercial gamemusic CDs?

Of course, but most of them (all) are very expensive. I can’t afford them so it’s up to them sending me some, sadly. Syntax Error is a freelance project and I don’t have any budget at all.

What are your personal favourite tunes from the show?

Hmm… almost everything, I am the one choosing most of them after all. But Nintendo 8-bit and Amiga lies closest to my heart. At the moment Atari XL/XE music rules, it’s almost like the C64-music but without filters.

Apart from playing gamemusic does the show feature any other elements?

No! 😊 I talk within the tunes, of course and give the audience tips, memories and history about the games, the demoscene and the world around it. It’s like a little talkshow, but without guests because of the low budget and because that I don’t have my own studio.

Given and unlimited budget how would you like to see your show progress?

Going on to TV would be the best, then you can both hear and see the games. I’m planning to write an idea for a TV-show. Like a retro-magazine and talkshow with different sub-cultures and gamerz, warez, demoz, moviez etc.

How popular has the show become?

Very popular. There was a rumor (or was it a fact?) at P3’s (Swedens biggest radio station, remember?) big party last year that I had received most mail of everyone at the channel. I’ve also got mail from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, that says pretty much when the program only is in Swedish.

So why did you start Syntax Error?

It all started in the summer of 2000. The radioshow Frank allowed people do whatever they want on every Wednesday in a half-hour called Frankerat. I wrote a mail and asked if I could do a show about gamemusic from Commodore 64 and Amiga. They thought it was a great idea and on the 17 of May 2000 it went on the air. They received over 80 mails after the show! I didn't want to push them and asked kindly if I could do a follow-up. They had already been thinking of that to my relief. After the second show I started calling it M-P3. They then decided that I could do one show every month, and so I did. Until the February of 2001 when they decided to pay me for freelancing for them and make a show every week. Syntax Error was born! Why I started it? I just wanted to show others what kind of wicked music I listen to.

What would you say has been the key element to the shows success?

The retro factor, and the fact that thousands, maybe millions of people has heard gamemusic-tunes in several hours in their life. They recognise it without knowing what they are listening to. Allt var bättre förr. (Everything was better in the past)

What has been the most memorable point so far of the show?

I’ve made some shows that were about only one game-series. Mega Man, Last Ninja, Castlevania etc. Those episodes were appreciated and had a lot of work behind them.

Apart from Syntax Error what else do you like to do?

On spare time you mean? I’m an all-round artist (or want to be) that likes to make movies, games and all kinds of stuff. And yeah, I almost forgot. I collect games, consoles and computers. Mainly NES and Amiga. But I also have Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advanced, Sega Master System, Sega Megadrive I/II, Sega Mega-CD, Sega Saturn, Goldstar 3D0, Commodore 64/128, Amiga 500/500 /600/1200, Atari 520/1040e/1040fm and Intellivision. I think that’s all. I’m as addicted to collect games as a junkie is to drugs…

Lastly, What would you like to add?

Visit my site: for more stuff.

The interview is quite short, mainly because i don't understand swedish, so research was kind of limited.

- Neil

Interview date: 24.07.2002