A Tribute to Rob Hubbard

by German Remix Group
GRG - A Tribute to Rob Hubbard Label
Total playing time
59 min

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We’re proud to present you our thirth album a Tribute to Rob Hubbard. Get it now as free digital download! The album contains 13 new remixes by eight GRG members. It’s total playtime is around one hour. You can download the album here as MP3 and/or FLAC. If you like the album, please leave us a LIKE at our Facebook site!

Track list

Track   Title Act Length Rating
1-01 Lightforce (GRG Nation Maximal Intro) Mitch van Hayden 4:19
1-02 Delta Loader Xenox 2:57
1-03 I Commando (Bluegrass Edit) Dr Future 3:43
1-04 R IK+ (SID Edit) CZ Tunes 5:05
1-05 Sanxion Loader Amok 3:47
1-06 Human Race (SubTune IV) eiz 4:52
1-07 Monty on the Run (Highscore) Snake TMF 4:09
1-08 Budokan Medley SunSpire 5:01 64% 
1-09 IR Warhawk (Battle for DM) Dr Future 4:29
1-10 Sanxion (Commodore is making Noise) Mitch van Hayden 6:52
1-11 International Karate (Pokey Edit) CZ Tunes 5:30
1-12 Lightforce eiz 4:28
1-13 Ninja Snake TMF 2:57