Weebl - Delta+

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Good idea but the whole swirly melody just seems to get lost in all the drum beats
This is a very well executed SID+Drums style remix. It's obvious that a lot of work has gone into this, not the usual crap of this kind. Rocks even harder towards the end... Very cool!
I enjoyed it, found it refreshingly different
The swirly melody together with the drums sounds like a SID and drums job. Not just that, but the feel of the original is completely lost. Did not like it.
Sounds a little bit rough, I prefer mr. Abbotts version...
Great original mix, Almost as good as Magical Trevor!
Love it!
The extra wild drums and the vocals during the last third drag this down too much.
I like this one a lot! Old skool Prodigy style!
The vocals don't work for me here and the last 30 sec. Should have been dropped. But everything else is a fast, rough Delta. I like it!
Incredible smooth beat. Not much have been done to the original, but it feels fresh
An incredible Delta Remix!!!
Brilliant interpretation. Still SID-sounding, yet not. Good beat, very nicely done.
This is brilliant! Totally disagree with the SID+drums comments on here. A very clever interpretation of Delta that utilises the original SID, isn't a 1:1 copy of the SID (refreshing) and adding some glorious techno too! Perfection!
Fucking great remix. Fantastic drumline and swirley sounds.. One of the best remix done ever.
Absolutely fabulous! Works brilliantly in my car while driving on the Autobahn
Awesome remix bro, nice tempo and superbly mixed.. Needs a little fine tuning but still awesome........
Well done
What makes this remix so much better than most other dance remixes? I think it's the drums. No standard UNZ UNZ UNZ, but an elaborate composition of breakbeats and SID effects. Not much left of Delta in it, but I don't mind at all. Added to my collection.
I always imagined Hubbard's space "symphonies" (Sanxion, Delta) to be powerful. This remix is powerful. Now this is a battle tune. Only the vox at the end is strange a bit for me.
Exceptionally cool!
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Very interesting remix, solid drumline that is the base of the song, swirly sounds and a good vocal line at the end.