Tim Forsyth - M.A.C.H - Subtune 3 (extended)

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I had to make a lot of cut backs and concessions to fit my original idea into the remix compo 5 minute limit.


With more room to breathe, this is more true to the original, with the bass line changes and additional melody lines.


It took some time because I switched to Cubasis from Korg Gadget and had to rebuild a lot of the sounds from scratch while learning the new DAW. I think the quality of the mix is much better as a result. (maybe cubasis being 24 bit helps?)


You might be able to tell I got completely lost in building the end section. Inspired by Revolutions, I tried to go as big as possible and I had to seriously overdrive that bass to make it punch through the mix. Hope you like it.

My humble ears say: Thank you for this delightful mixture! For my taste this is not just a very well orchestrated melody, it is a transformation. It starts out as a remix but evolves into something bigger with its own personality!
Good choice of tune, and great result.
Awesome! I love this SIDish style. Thank you for the goosebumps!
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What a great remix! 😎👍Yet again, Tim hits it out of the ballpark. The first half of this remix is a pretty amazing remix of the SID itself. Then Tim decided to add a second half consisting of his improvs and variations - and it sounds fabulous! Definitely has undertones of Jarre in there (Zoolook, Revolutions), and it's done very elegantly. Well done, Tim, well done!