The SIE - Rock'n'Roll level1 ala Shadows

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The SIE Adept
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Tryéd to create a shad track, but there seems to be a weird gap in ryhtm.

So it's really nessesary to create an uptimized version of this track


As requested by Chilli_uk i've decided to do a remix of the remix after so many years

Let's sie if i can do better than this version.. Be back soon!


That was nice n' soft! (-: however those vibratio effects don't really do the trick, and you have some timing problems too..
I like the instruments & the atmo this remix creates! But there seems to be a small "gap" between the 4th and the 1st beat!? Intentionally?
Nice one. A bit slow for my taste.
Sounds like MIDI, but still pleasant to hear :)
The weird gaps, odd timing on some notes and vibrato sadly spoil the song, so I can't give it a yellow face.
Nice sound - a real guitar and it would have been voted higher!
More time on the instruments and the mixing but I love it! Reminds me of a seronade. Remix the remix pls lol
Add in Christer Sjögren vocals and you got yourself a danceband megahit in Scandinavia!

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