Skitz - Aces High (Check It Out Mix)

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Skitz Adept
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A really neat remix of Aces High beautifully weaved together with some hardcore Beastie Boys rapping. Excellently done! The original feeling of the mod is still there yet it feels fresh!
Excellent fusion of a great RK tune with classic Beastie action. Energetic and you can't keep your feet still to it!
Now, this one oozes perfection. I can't fin anything to be picky aboyt! Damn you!=)
Very good interpretation!
Excellent work!, not red simply because I'm trying to listen to the music and not the easily added bb samples that give a huge effect and are now less original since the ballblazer remix.
Skitzy, I dont do amiga stuff much, and I love your c64 remixes, but jesus you have NAILED THIS! Awesome work........
Good remix, but I find this rapping quite weak... Compared to any other chip-hop out there, this just lacks the street-feeling. Not bad at all though
What can I say... I like it!:-)
Are this the Bestie Boys???
Very very good idea mate! I like the Beasties a lot an with Aces High it is the perfect combination. No "Outstanding" coz of some glitches here an there (mastering issues).
Great idea. Beasties would say: "Fight for your right" to remiiiiiiiix. XD Well done!!!
Great if you like beastie boys style rap. Otherwise, not so much.
Nice Rap tune!:)
Nicely done.

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