Rodolphe Bost - Terra Cresta Reason remix

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Rodolphe Bost Specialist
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Ouch, some bendings really hurt...
Pretty cool warbly filter effects provide the rhythm along with the bass. The lead instrument is fine, too, but it has some odd artifacts in its sound. And too bad the ending is abrupt. You could've at least faded it out in post-production.
Really like how this flows quietly along, almost meditatively. The remix was produced back in 2012, so I guess the sourcefiles are lost? Still, minus points for letting it end abrubtly.
I appreciate the rather slowed down feel, but there just seems to be a little too much warble in there. Definitely needed an end fade too so at least it sounds complete and not part-uploaded.
Really nice soundscape, but I can't unhear the poor timing of the lead. Shame.
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Hi. I am the one posting this music. Like I said in the comment of this tune I am not the creator but his friend and it was back in 2012 and it was his mp3 so I wouldn t touch it and he was a guy who don t touch but record and send. He didn t like to alter or optimise stuff He just played on the keyboard thru Reason 5 i, the night in high season since he was a cook. I know it ends abrutly but by respect I wouldn t touch it. Thanks for reading me Alex