Raven Squad - Rambo 3 (Loading)

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Very nice! Smoooooth-aaaah!:)
Wow, with a little more oomp this coulda been outstanding
Nice and laid back, with good use of the guitars and piano.
This is REALLY nice. Just a little more concentration on the background to give it a more polished feel would have given this a RED
Very nice...
Gets better the more often you listen to it. Smooth and catchy.
Mediocre. It's a solid tune with no real flaws, but it is a bit dull and it has no real punch.
Makes me sleepy. Some great drum-parts saves me from falling asleep.
The style is a little strange. Especially caused by the staccato-like drums in contrast with the smooth reverbing sounds. Is that good or bad? Not sure!
Smooth mix, I like it; now someone please do a upbeat in-your-face mix of this SID! Personally I think it would work better.
Review by Tas


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

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An impressive laid back piece with some useful and interesting drums patterns giving it a little life where maybe it would have been a little too laid back otherwise.

The only thing that prevents me giving this the RED smiley is that i feel something is slightly missing like an additional harmony in the background that emphasises the main lead and the already nice backing. It's so close to being awesome!