QUBSiCA - Twintris Song 2 (Intense REMiX)

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Loved this tune when i played (Super?)TwinTris.

It has been stuck i my head my whole adult life.

This is just ONE of the tunes from the game so it may be somewhat repetitive. Deal with it =) It is quite faithful to the original in the beginning with some new elements later on.


And by the way, the audio mastering is probably horrible. I need more practice.

A bit too much reverb for my taste and somewhat repetitive (the later is probably a flaw of the original song), but I like the funky/breakdance-ish vibe and the fact that it's NOT yet another simple unz-tak-beat.
This remix is very good arranged and the new elements fit the song very well!!! With decent mixing and mastering (as you said) it would be a great remix!!!
Hynotizing remix, I like it. I'd give a fat red star if the mixing/mastering was a bit better and the drum samples a bit better, for the rest it's an awesome remix :)
I recall this tune too, and loved it. Great effort, instruments are well chosen, and fit well, but reel some of the reverb in. Still a really nice listen - great job!
Loving the idea but yes, the mixing and mastering could need more afforts ;)

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