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Sven Schneider
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October 2011
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I'm an 80s child, born in the early 70s. I listened to a lot of songs on radio before I got my first real home computer, the Commodore C=64.


Since then I'm addicted to compose my own sounds on computers. Started with Chris Hülsbeck's Sound Monitor, then upgraded to Rockmonitor … hunting for all the tight samples (Bad Cats had great ones!.


Luckily I had a friend who was a real genius in eclectronics. He sold me a lot of selfmade Eproms and also a digitizer to sample some stuff with. After that I switched to the famous Commodore Amiga 500, which was a real upgrade and put my sounds on a higher level. I guess I've spent more time on tracking in Pro and Fasttracker 2 than into gaming these days =)


I did many things from then on and got used to some DAWs on PC later liker Cubase, Reason, Renoise, Ableton Live and stuff. Also I released some Techno vinyls with a friend but I never got a full-blood musician. However I'm still very passionate about the old melodies and sounds and I even startet to learn the E-Guitar 😊

I'm glad that I found this site on the interwebs and it just makes my heart glance listening to that old vibes!



Sven aka neriakX.







neriakX (Sven Schneider)