Pino Zulpo - Storm Sweet Remix (Synth Guitar)

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The instrument choices is what kills this remix. The arrangement gets repetitive and thus, a bit boring towards the end. But the instruments and/or the mixing are in a dire need of a beef-up here.
The mix is very "far away" and mellow, with no depth, bottom or highs. And the rhythm with handclaps(!! ) just needs to be replaced.
Hmmm, always thought this jewel was an Amiga tune by original...? Anyway, very nice remix with a good flow and a bit Laser dance feeling. But the whole thing needs more bass or attitude.
Nothing really new! Could've been a little faster. But it's nice'n'synthie, I like it.
Nice enough and clean sounding, but a bit too long.
Weak drums, uninspiring choice of sounds.
I've been listening to this some more and it has really grown on me, good work.
Would been perfect faster, but I love it very much. Thanks!
Nice and mild storm remix. Storm is actually more stronger I think. But I like it this way though. Nice developing in the end.

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