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neriakX - Enigma Gun (Extended Mix)

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Enigma Gun (Extended Mix)
Arranged by:
neriakX Remixer
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This track is a remake/remix of Romeo Knight - Enigma Gun.

The original was made in 1993 by Romeo Knight and has been used in a TRSI cracktro for Eishockey Manager.

You can also find both files, the Sidmon and my Remix on Nectarine Scene Radio:

Since the day I heard this track the 1st time, I always wanted to do something with it. It's an evergreen to me
Now that I'm producing music on a more professional level, I was able to realize that old idea. I'm pretty comfortable with the result.

I hope you guys like it.



I really enjoyed this remix :) Keep on remixing and welcome
Sounds pretty nice! Very good job!
This is amazingly good. You managed to stay true to the original still have your own take on it. Good production, too.
Sensationel Remix... Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!
Wow. Fantastic production on this remix. Had forgotten about this RK track. Defo going on my iPod! Keep up the good work :)
Nice tune, oldschool with at touch of mordern sounds...
RSI+RK+EG+NX=awesome remix!!! I just cry when I remember those days :)
Instant classic.
Not familiar with th eoriginal, but this is technically excellent and highly enjoyable!
This is one of the best remixes I have ever heard. Can't stop listening to it. Fantastic!:-)
Like a trip to dreamland, wonderfully done!^^
This is a profressional quality mix. Very well done, my favourite on Amigaremix so far.
This is one of those rare tunes that just work so well!
Brilliant and high quality! I love it, although it's nothing really spectacular...
Brings back good memories!!
Sounds so bedazzeling, this is one monster track! Well done sir!
Great sound :)
Good sound!
Sweeet. Gonna grow this song to my classic library.
Never heard the original before, but this is amazing. The beat reminds me of the famous C64 Strike Force/Movers cracktro which is a great thing!
This remix is 10 years old but I think it's almost impossible to top this track.
Nice piece
Like … this remix is telling all the good stuff that the Amiga had to offer (and offered). Super-duper-stuph!
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Mates, say that that echoing sliding far sound makes all this composition over the top? 😊... It just fires all sensors for me :P