NecroPolo - A New Life 2 (Hokuto Force remix)

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NecroPolo Specialist
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I always wanted to cover one of Kjell's strange, brewtal, scary and amusing SIDs. I just love his music. I consider him one of the most talented and strange-styled C64 composers ever. To me he is one of the most powerful inspirations to create C64 music since my return in 2009. Unfortunately I'm unable to tell him how I admire his music. Rest in Peace, bro'...

In order of appearance:


- Devils_In_My_House.sid
- A_New_Life_.sid (sub#2)
- Struggle.sid


About the simple raw metal track itself, there is not much to tell really. For tech nerds like me:

- DAW: Reaper 5.9
- Guitar: Ibanez RGEW521MZW 'Zebra'
- Bass: Ibanez SR305DX
- WAH: Dunlop 535Q
- AMPS: AMT P1, KORG G1, AMT Chameleon cab sim, Ignite Emissary, EDEN WTDI bass pre
- Drums: ToonTrack EZD2 Metal Machine, John Tempesta signature
(actually these are all his recorded grooves included in the pack)
- Mastering processor: iZotope Ozone 8
- Mixing plug-ins: Melda, Stillwell, Voxengo
- Synth layers: HyperSynth SIDizer


Released @Slay Radio's Arok Tribute Remix Competition in 2020.

Dedicated to all the good people in my C64 group Hokuto Force.

It ROCKS!:-)
Absolutely Fabulous!
Great mix! Reaper represent!
You nailed it (again)! :) Is amazing.
... Aaaand the socially distanced one-man moshpit keeps moshing!<3
Quirky and usual SID tune, perfectly positioned in metal. Not usually my thing, but this is brutally brilliant
Absolutely marvellous, man! The Cry Baby 535Q goes perfectly with your lead guitar sound!
Awesome remix, Necropolo
OML, where are all these red smileys coming from?

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