marzl - Ice Queen

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I really enjoy taking old tunes apart and reinterpreting them in modern programs. A process that can take up to 5 months, since only the late evenings can be used for it when I can't fall asleep. In the original, the song is much faster and it was difficult to recreate and rearrange the melody lines, using only my ear and a lot of patience.


The song was arranged, mixed and mastered in RENOISE. The samples and instruments were created using the great ARTURIA Analog Lab Library. I hope you like it as much as I did after hearing the original song for the first time.


its now my third release here, and i hope you hear a diffence and progress 😊

Hey marzl! Nice remix! I recognize myself in late evenings work and also progress on my work. From you're other remixes I can hear difference and I think you have done a great work! Keep it up!!
What a wonderful little track this is, just the right balance of melody and movement. Loved those layered synths :D
Probably because of the arpeggios and the analog sounds this remix has a distinctly SID-like vibe to it to me. The arrangement is lacking sophistication, and I think the wonderful melody would've deserved more attention. But overall, nicely done!
Not my favourite genre but.. Once this gets into it's stride, it's catchy. A well put together remix only lacking a little more in the arrangement.

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