Markus Schneider - Steel Ranger End Credits

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Aaaah, excellent food for my soul hungry for epos
Superb orchestration Markus, excellent work :)
I don't often say it about tunes but this could have been a little bit longer ;) a lush sounding, cinematic, audio delight
Can't help but agree with others, it feels too short. Just as it was building for a big finish and it does I can't help but feel a few seconds longer would have helped - However, it's bloody good still.
Sometimes I get a little bored by all the symphonization of 8 bit tunes. Then Schneider shows up and brings me back into the fold.😉
Erm.... Okay I'll just say it like everyone else ; This is excellent.. Make it longer Markus. ;) But what a lovely 3:33 it is.
Lovely work there Markus!!
It is great on two levels: #1 on arranger's side, it is a marvellous skillwork of Markus. #2 on composer's side, it gives some credit to Cadaver who is an awesome C64 composer. Kudos!
Great, jeaah
Solid tune! But I don't like these fake orchestras.
It perfectly fits the end credits for an epic game...
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There's no substitute for talent. Never in a million years I would've thought that the original SID could be turned into such an epic piece - but here it is, thanks to Markus. Sounds absolutely fantastic! My only gripe is about its length: it could've been twice as long and I would've still complained about it being short. Oh, well, that's what the loop button is for. 😉