Makke - 3 Chn Gametune (SID Celebration)

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I’m pretty sure this tune won’t be for everyone, but upon hearing about the passing of Andy Fletcher I felt a sudden urge to do a Black Celebration inspired remix. I’m not sure how I ended up listening to 3 Chn Gametune by Future Freak, but I felt it would probably fit formula nicely.

It was a pretty quick job, this one. I didn’t feel like overdoing it. This is probably the remix I have paid the least attention to percussion on, but on the other hand there are a lot of percussive elements in the instrumentation. So I left the beat pretty basic. Also, all the reverbs were making my computer stutter when playing back the arrangement, so I couldn’t comfortably add any more elements.

I took some liberties with the arrangement, leaving some parts out.

Try to spot all the Depeche Mode references.😉

The reference to early Depeche Mode tracks clearly is audible. At least until 1:50 when the beat kicks in. At this point the flavour of DM gets a little bit burried under that beat. Otherwise a creative approach and a great hommage to "Fletch".
A great fitting tribute to Fletch and a wonderful remix mash to boot.
Appreciate the 80s Depeche Mode vibes...
I really like this, backs up my theory about not obsessing over a mix, but just get your ideas out there and you still get great results. Cool metallic percussion and driving rhythms that circle back at the end.
Always top quality from Makke. Love it!

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