Juha Kaunisto - Drive Faster

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Slickly done and another dirty piece from Sumps but just lacking due to the choice of SID
I this I like both versions of this remix. The slower version has it's charm as well. This one's got more dirt on it though!
Cant ever fault sumpi for production values the guy has an amazing ear for this sort of thing, and his guitar work is A++ everytime.. Only thing I can think of is it sounds a little thin and thats all that stands between it and a red face.
Like it, it's a pity quite repetitive
Nice thick sounding guitar. Chugs along just great.
The guitar recording is better than on most other remixes here. Sounds more "studio", and not so much "live". Which is very good! Aside from that, this one's only average.
Like it, but think the same like Dan cos the SID is too repetitive. I would have liked it better if you had played the synth chords on the guitar also.
Good one, however, you "loose" that main synth later on. Flawless guitars :)
I like the guitars a lot, I like the arrangement. I think I will drive faster when listening to this in the car!
I cant complain with the remix - its a great remix of a continual sid - but the guitar work is stunning - its a really good track just again wont set the world alight - but wow to the guitars
Quite repetitive, but still nice.
REAL close to a orange or even red one here! Sounds a bit thin in places sadly. That kept me away from a higher rating though. Little sad...
Sound's a little bit like 'Kiss' - like it!
Yeah, I don't know the original but it rockZ :D
Considering the SID is repetitive, Juha has done what he could with it. Nonetheless though the guitars really make the arrangement a good one.
Crank up the volume, and on the track!
Lost Highway Baby!

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