Iron - Zak McKracken (SushiMix)

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Iron Remixer
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The opening to this one almost lets it down as it's a bit too out there, but once it settles down it's a very nice and solid rendition.
In my mind I have the definite version of this mix, this aint to bad (like the little Karate mix in there too) but just doesn't do the original massive justice
Just average imo
Brave attempt! Unfortunately doesn't work out, but kudos for trying something fresh!
This roxx :D
Too weird for my taste, but definitely a nice try at something completely different.
Enjoyed this one. Great work. The lead instrument was not the best choice though.
I like it hell-a-lot! Yeah, it IS weird. But so is the game and the story, aren't they? Refreshing style, nice choice of intruments and decent-to-good arrangement. Damn, got the wrong tune the first time. Happens when you open 20 browser windows =P
I enjoy this for some reason
Some fresh ideas...
Really wierd - interesting but not really enjoyable. But it got that cool steady beat just to make it a yellow one.
Don't like the telephone stuff at the beginning. At least it's too long. The fanfares at 2:14 don't fit at all. The following trumpet is good.
The beginning is proof that iron played the game, although it's really a bit hard =) I like it much until 02:20...
I really enjoy this bouncy, groovy version, thanks!

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