Dr Future - The Great Giana Sisters (True Blue)

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Chris said in an interview, that he wanted his Giana Sisters Track to sound like True Blue cause his chief was such a big Madonna fan.

You can find his words (in german) here: http://www.symphonicshades.com/?p=60

(Hey! What? Listen)

What happened in my dream
This is the nightmare of my life
Where am I – what’s that
So many gems and angry bots
My sister’s here – Maria hi
The same mistake – she has to fight
I know we will defeat the boss
No plumber’s here it’s spice girl’s force

Now’s the girls
We’ve come a long way and kicked some ass
Cause we know who we are (true blue I swear)
And we rock the place so Mario go home

The final gem is near
We have survived so many fears
Level thirty-three
I'm so excited what may be
Another warp another jump
No dungeon left but one more head-
Crash to get them all along
The end is here – Nintendo’s fear


Now’s the girls
We’ve come a long way and kicked some ass
Cause we know who we are and what we do – will remain – if you don’t – kill the score
Don’t kill the score or fame and fun will die
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Excellent work! But, the lyrics...
Well, that wasn't quite what I was expecting...! But still enjoyable :p
So cute stuff maybe your singing is not the best but your music is fantastic. Thats your style and I like it :)
Surprising in any aspect. But I like it :)
What a dripping cheezy 80s tune! It's so cheezy, it's good. Two problems: the lead singer should be a female, and the ending should be a fade-out not this awkward abruptness. Otherwise, cheeze on!
True 80s music! LOL! Great stuff! Congratulations, you got a Highscore! Please Enter your Initials: ___
Hi Volker, nach den ersten 3 Takten dachte ich schon an True Blue von Madonna ohne hier die Track-Info gelesen zu haben. Somit würde ich mal sagen: mission accomplished ;) Greetz, Mitch
Kudos for originality! Added to my collection.
Great great backing track, but those lyrics really are a little bit too cheesy. It has a very xmassy feel to it though. (marked it up cos I think yellow was a bit harsh)
You surely had a lot of fun when you worked on this... A glamorous game win... Your singing fits perfectly the lyrics. Easy going. I'm amused!
Very good. Respect.
You've done what ive been thinking of doing of a while.. I listen to this tune and think of lyrics the tune is catchy and makes you want to sing with it.. But your lyrics dont quite match what I had in mind.. But you had the same idea.. Like it.
Though I'm not big on remixes with vocals, this one's kinda decent.:)
I remember spending weeks completing this game and being depressed for weeks more at the awful ending. Your singing made me relive this awful period of my life all over again :-)
80s cheese galore!
It need a lot of tweekinf, in the lyrics and music but overall good idea
Wow, this is bad....
Can't sing for toffee! Awful!
Like it!

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