Dr Future - Jet Set Willy

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Well, of course, this is an Atari 8 Bit soundtrack by Rob. Unfortunately, he never ported it to the C64. But Oedipus did, and he did a good job IMHO. As this track is featured on many RH projects, I thought I'd try it, too. Or, to be more precise: My brother asked me if I could do it, because he likes the track very much. So I gave it a bit of a-ha (at least I think so) and finished with a massive guitar solo. Fun fact: 86 takes needed for that guitars.

For some reason, the melody and production remind me of kids tv shows I grew up with in the 80s. Good work. Thanks for the info, glad I’m not the only one who hits record time and time again!
Great guitar solo and, as always, a very clean production!
It just fits. The guitar works fine in this tune
Superb work - the best Jet Set Willy remix without competition!
Getting that 80s feeling just right yet again, Dr Future! Love the retro vibes in this one. PS: Very clever way of sneaking an Atari remix into RKO.😉
The first half was as usual excellent technically but a little soulless. When you let loose in the 2nd though it really shines, more of that please :)

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