Dr Future - Green Beret

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At last I dared to do a Galway remix, but luck was not on my side...my amplifier "broke", so that I only have sound from one box in the end...believe me, mixing and mastering with only one box is the real quest 😉

Anyway, like always no real instruments have been harmed...although I hope the guitars and mellotrons sound realistic...
So nice on the ear and fantastic guitar as norm, could just have done with a little more OOMPH!
Tempted to give this an outstanding.. Briliant bouncy baseline too.
I always envied Dr. F's ability to get so crystal clear mixes! This is very ear pleasing!
Straight forward. Nice one!
Really nice effort this, the bass is gorgeous and it's mixed really well.
I like the mellotron part and the drumfills. Not the Top Gun "guitar".
Just nice. Do NOT use instruments that pretend to be guitars!;-)
Enjoyed this... Have fallen in love with this sid ever since I heard the markus s orchestral version.. This just cements my love for it.. Well done volker
Mmmmmh... Boring music.
The remix is nice itself, but it lost all the spirit and punch of the original... The guitar helps, but can not save it.
It's surely a good tune. But for me it's nothing special. I think it would sound greater with better instruments...
Very nice! The guitar sounds a bit fake and out of tune though
Good tune, but a bit dull. The guitar sounds a bit too much synth too. A straight forward remake, but nothing more.
I like the guitar lead, but it should've been more punchy, The entire remix feels a little flat, probably because of the wimpy drums.
Unfortunately a little too slow and too boring to be Very Good. The (synth? ) guitar sounds good but seems to be (only very, very, very slightly) out of tune.

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