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CJ Jevgeni - Delta (trance remix)

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Arranged by:
CJ Jevgeni Remixer
Original SID:
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I quite like this. Almost reminds me of VNV Nation at times. A bit more oomph in the bass register wouldn't hurt, though. And since when is Delta a GRG tune?
The whole arrangement leaves me a bit cold to be honest. It's clean and clinical but there's just no warmth or feeling in the whole thing. It also needs editing, it's around three minutes too long and gets repetitive. Needs tweaking.
If this had been released a few years ago it could have stood about a bit more.
Pretty boring trance remix if you ask me and CJ obviously hasn't heard of a compressor yet..
It's nicely done, but sooooo off-the-shelf.
It's a good effort but it's also pretty much run of the mill type of mix.
S'OK, but it needs a real production polish it doesn't have.
Quite ok, but the mixing could be improved...
Miss the real punch and the happiness of the original tune, it's a highscore victory tune :-)
Really dislike it
I like it, but it's a little too long and monotonous
I dont usually go for the unzy stuff, but this sounds quite nice to me.. Well done for tickling my ears.
Quite standard mix with no original touch
Had to listen to it a dozen times, but then: perfect song!:)
Boring arrangement, repetitve, so-so instruments. Yawn.
Good trance production. Nice instruments, nice effects, but sound is a little monotonous. Not problem. I like it...
Too trancy for my taste. Messes up the wonderful Delta song.
It sounds not that special but still good enough.
Not bad at all, but nothing special. It's something that I forget in 20 seconds.
Delta wrapped in EBM-esque trance!
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If you are urging for a SID EBM-inspired trance beat, Jevgeni has you covered - their version of Delta is all about electronic, fast paced drums and Delta's iconic theme. Its snappy, up-beat and well orchestrated score is nothing short of a bliss for anyone looking for a cover song made for workouts and dance floors alike. Well done!