apollo2k - plastic pop

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plastic pop
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apollo2k Remixer
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Nice take on Danko's Plasticpop, and a fresh change to Danko's own remix. It suffers from being a little "flat" unfortunately and the drumbeat is begging to be heard a little too much, but it's got all the elements there.
Very good rendition, if a little unbalanced in the mix.
A pretty decent effort all round, and something a little different than Danko's own effort. It can be a little repetitive especially in the drums, but it does work nicely enough. A bit more tweaking in the mixing would be useful.
Not bad, not good.. Quite standard or flat arr
I realy like this! Very atmospheric and relaxed remix!
Nice one. It lacks a bit inspiration indeed. Could have been a way better one with some more effort I'm certain. The roots are definitely there already!
Excellent pacing. You can keep this on for hours with barely a hiccup.
Have to say this is a very nice piece of work.
Very good, first comment sais all.
Nice, a bit too repetitive.
It's hard to beat Danko's own remix (and original for that matter). The messy reverb/delay effect on this one doesn't work very well. And there are a few places where it sounds slightly off tune. Still, it's worth a listen.:)
Nice simple stuff, could do with some more attitude.
Medium quality
I like the way everything works together in this one, the bass sound, the piano, the accomp guitar... Can't help but stomp my feet.
Very well done!
Shame on you for not rating this Outstanding
It is middle of the year 2011, and I think this is still the best plastic pop remix :)
One of my favorite Plastic Pop remixes

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