ACC:Xess - One Man And Hid Droid - Ravers Hardcore Mix

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Does what it says and does it quite well. Except for the spelling mistake in the title, because I can clearly "see" the droid in it (--> "hid droid")... Almost a red.
It needs something to stand out. Perhaps, instead of hardcore samples to use softer ones. And, it needs to be shorter.:)
The bassdrum drowns out everything and destroys it, theres a lot of droid remixes and this just doesnt cut it.
This is the best of your compositions so far. The sound production is light years from earlier and with these improvements, I'm looking forward to next composition. There are sections that do not harmonize and more surprises (e. G. Melodic) wanted...
Almost a yellow face, but the arrangement is quite 'unbalanced' to be honest...
Nice little droid remix, its 1:1 pretty much and more could have been done with it the sound itself is great though and had me tapping my toe along to it, good stuff
Not bad, not bad, good arrangement, fits the tune well. The instrumentation is too edgy for me, though.
Great stuff-it does what it says on the tin & u can't ask for anymore than that!

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