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0supereg0 - Hawkeye (Slipping into the Stellar Sublimeness)

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The first three minutes were very hard to take for my ears. After 3:22 it was kind of a salvation and the track sounded really nice.
Slipping into sleep ;)
It’s a brave, unique idea, like the soundtrack to a fever dream or hangover. All I can report is my facial expressions went from confusion, to wonder and back again when the right channel flipped out at the end. Close to orange for me for the experience.
Review by LaLa


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Nice idea, but a bit too heavy on the jingly-jangly things, they get really tiring after a few bars. Tone those down with a low-pass filter (or stop doing them after the intro), but keep the dreamy guitar.

@3:22 - oh, those jingly-jangly things suddenly stopped! Why? I don't know, their abrupt departure sounded rather random, but my ears welcomed the change for sure.

At around the 5:00 min mark - wonderful pads, now that actually sounds like stellar sublimeness to me!

This track has the potential to bring me to another level of consciousness, but every time I get captivated by its downtempo rhythm and dreamy sounds, I get yanked back into reality by something happening abruptly. Like that sharp synth at around 7:16, where the guitar also inexplicably gets moved to the left channel. Eh?...

Anyway, lots of great ideas here, lots of potential, but the execution could've been better.