New CD release from Huelsbeck

12/04/2001It was announced reciently that Chris Huelsbeck has released a new c64 music cd. This CD can be bought from your local retailer or from The Track listing is:

1. Giana Sisters (Remix 2000)
2. The Pond (Apydia Level 3)
3. War At Meadow's Edge (Apydia Level 2)
4. Dreamland
5. Katakis (Remix Edit)
6. Turrican II (Main Title)
7. The Future feat. Matine
8. Giana Sisters (Medley)
9. R-Type
10. Inka-City
11. Z-Out (Theme)
12. Gem'x
13. Battle Isle
14. To Be On Top
Submitted by Tas