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More Reviews, and more features

02/06/2002Andrew Fisher (he reviewed our CD) will be contributing further reviews and articles to remix64. He will remain independant of remix64 thus this will hold more weight to what r64 does.
Submitted by Tas

3 R64 Stars Feature in Top PC Game.

30/05/2002Markus Holler and Fabian Del Priore have wrote the in-game tunes for JoWoods Hotel Giant which was released this month. Thomas Boecker joint producer of 3 tracks on r64 also helped out on the game.
Submitted by Tas

Remix64 - The CD Review

22/05/2002Click on the reviews section to view the independantly reviewed Remix64.

Remix64 was reviewed by Andrew Fisher/Merman (freelance commodore writer)
Submitted by Tas

Makke joins the Remix64 team.

17/05/2002I'm pleased to announce that Marcus makke Nilsson has joined the remix64 team. He'll have his own collumn within the editorial pages remarking on his views and what cool within the community.

His first collumn will be available on the next editorial.

Submitted by Tas

Remix64 - The CD gets Thumbs up :)

17/05/2002In a review by Freelance Commodore writer Andrew Fisher/Merman The Remix64 CD gets praised with the final statment saying We need more from Remix64 - And soon.

Full Review to be re-printed here shortly.
Submitted by Tas

The 8-Bit Tour Poster

12/05/2002Click the link below to see Seth's Poster for the 8-bit tour.
Submitted by Tas


06/05/2002Remix64's workload is now beginning to get overworked. We are now searching for another person to join the team here at remix64.

Please note: We need a person to help on the written side of the website and not the coding.

Remix64 wishes to become even more informative with better content and more features/interviews and other written material, this cannot be achieved with the current staffing levels. Anyone interested in being part of the team at remix64 please contact the editor Neil/Tas on the link given below.
Submitted by Tas

The Bitlive 3 cought in remix shop :)

05/05/ are now taking pre-orders for there 3 latest offerings. Galway Remixed (R. Ouwehand), Instant Remedy, and Remix64 can now be pre-ordered.

There is a special: Order now and collect at bitlive price of £9.99. Better still why not order all 3 for £24.99 saving you even more cash
Submitted by Tas

Merregnon Vol. 2 gets serious

01/05/2002Thomas Boecker has announced that Merregnon 2 will be performed by a real orchestra which includes vocal performances. The Prague Symphony Orchestra have been enlisted to perform both the orchestral side and the vocal performaces, making Merregnon 2 an epic which should not be missed.
Submitted by Tas

First clips from the Remix64 CD

24/04/2002The Remix64 CD pages have been updated. You'll find the complete and final tracklist, and you are able to download and listen to extracts from the first three tunes. Every week we will provide three more clips.

Have fun! 😊
Submitted by LMan