Neil Carr

Editorial May 2020

Oooh, what's this button for?

Hello there. May I introduce myself..

My Name is Neil Carr (Tas). Some people may remember me, others will think who’s this bugger?

Well, I along with my good friend Markus Klein (LMan) created the site from which you are perusing right now. I have not been active since 2004. Yes, that’s an incredible 16 years. This is the reason I say some may not have heard of me. Others who probably share an extra wrinkle or two may recall the name.. and for those who thought I’d come back at some point - I bet you never counted on it being just over a decade and a half later.


So much has changed since I departed remix64. By heck, I’ve changed so much since then too. The website looks totally different, the back end is squeaky clean and so user friendly. Markus has certainly been busy. What’s this Facebook malarkey anyway?


Talking of Facebook it’s interesting how many of the forums from around the scene have migrated to platforms like but not exclusive to Facebook. Other social networks are available by the way. Remix64’s own forum has indeed moved in such a way and unfortunately has seen a drop in numbers using it. That’s just the way the world works. Social media isn’t such a bad thing for remix64 though, because whilst numbers have dropped from the forum, remix64 has used it positively too. One of the latest additions now has a facility for remixer’s to add Youtube video’s to their remix profile. What’s not to like?

So, as with I, many faces have vanished from the scene. Some are still around and active and some pass by, just visiting whilst passing jail. Whilst it’s always sad to lose a talent, a friend maybe, new remixer’s have come in and took their place. Some of which are name’s further back from the past. I’m talking about some of the very original sid composers like Peter Clarke, Matt Gray etc.


Back In Time Live also took a step in a different direction. Stepping away synths and guitars and replacing them with violins and trombones. Moving the setting from pubs/clubs to a grand Theatre. A thing that may never have happened without crowd funding.

Kickstarter Logo.svg

Now, There you go. Crowd Funding. That wasn’t a thing back when I was a lad. Closest thing I got to crowd funding was asking my mates if they could lend me 10p to go to the shop. 10p? that’s showing my age. There’s not much you can get for 10p today. Anyway, I digress. Crowd funding yes that’s where I was. Many projects have been funded through this platform that otherwise would not have happened without it. Matt Gray’s Reformation series is a prime example of this. Whilst there has been many successes there has almost certainly been as many failures with endless delays or not doing what it said on the tin to horrifically never even coming into fruition. That being said whilst treading very carefully into the sea of crowd funding there’s been a lot of joy through it. You just have to be picky when backing a project.

You’d think after 16 years the quality of sound would have improved massively and indeed yes it has to some extent. When I listen back to the remixes that were created those days I’m surprised just how good many of them were. So by and large the bar was set quite high even back then. Naturally, with better mixing, clearer, more realistic sounds things have come on impressively. However, And I think it’s testimony to our non forgotten heroes that what was produced back then stands very very well against the test of time.

So, With that pause for reflection I’ll sign off and yes, you will see more of me. You're Welcome.



11/05/2020 15:23
Good to have you back, mate :)

Dr Future
11/05/2020 16:23
WB, mate.

11/05/2020 17:00
Well hell fire... That caught me on the hop... Welcome back buddy. Lots of good points made there.

11/05/2020 22:03
Wow, 16 years? That's tough! Always surprising how time flies...But we've been saving your seat so welcome back, man!

12/05/2020 10:11
Welcome back, squire!

Also: What are the odds of me removing your login/password from the RKO backend a mere two hours before reading this? :)

12/05/2020 12:54
Cheers everyone... Appreciate it. Kwed lol, ain't that typical. Anyhows after 16 years i can't remember it anyway.

Marcel Donné
17/05/2020 20:33
Whatsa matter Booboo? Did you get an itch you couldn't scratch?

Welcome back mate. Good to see you again :)

19/05/2020 17:17
Welcome back mate, nice to ser you again :)

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