Remix64 presents:

The great CD Giveaway Competition

The results are now in, our five Judges consisted of Michael Schwendt (sid2midi), LMan (remix64), Jan Zottman (Immortal 2) , Seth Sternberger (8-bit Weapon, Unfortunate Brain Chemistry) , and myself Neil Carr (remix64). The desicion of the panel are final and unbiased.
Could all Winners please forward their mailing address to remix64 to claim your winnings. Well Done to everyone who has taken part, and to all downloaders feel free to write your coments on the messageboards.

The Great CD Giveaway Competition

Competition Results:

Best Remix

The remixes with the highest total score at the CD Giveaway Compo.

Rank Title Score
1. Hell On Earth Spells Game Over by Makke 39
2. Furycalypse Now (feat. Tuomio) by Axeman 38
3. DeltaSisters (feat. Kermit) by Puffy64 37
4. Antiriad, Warhawk, Myth by Glyn R Brown 36
5. 3-to-1 compomix by Kent Walldén 30
6. Rambo and Bombo on Impossible Mission (unplugged) by Mahoney 27
7. Competition mix by OJ Oscillation 26
8. Commando by Apple 24
9. Project Firestart by Max Levin 9
10. Kimmix by Subversive Elements 8
N/A (Disqualified) - Dor-X (This remix was 2:33. The miniumum Requirements as explained in the rules were 3 mins.

Popcorn, Armalyte, Impossible mission was removed at remixers request.



We have 42 CD's totalling well in excess of £450… All these are up for grabs. Good Luck to all who enter.

Merregnon (3 CD's) - A superb Fantasy set CD comprising of talents such as Alister Brimble, LizardKing, Purple Motion, Chris Huelsbeck and many more. Possibly the best scene CD?

Audiophonik (3 CD's) - A collection of Superb varied tracks from artists such as Moby, Lizardking, Bjorn Lynne, amongst many others.

Immortal (3 CD's) - A superb collection of Amiga remixes from a wide spectrum of famous Scene musicians. Includes tunes from Shadow Of The beast, Turrican, Superfrog and many more.

Back In Time 1 and 2 - The first two albums of the c64 remixing world has just got better with 2 signed albums. Signatures from Rob Hubbard, Martin Galway and many more of the respected c64 musicians.

The Wanderer (3 Cd's) One of the most respected scene musicians brings you is first CD, which is nothing short of insperational.

Talisman - (3 CD's) Bjorn Lynne's Alter ego Divinorum presents his quickest selling CD. Pumped full of various styles of Trance. Trance fans will love this.

Unfortunate Brian Chemistry (3 CD's)- Seth Sternberger's unique outlook to music with this sensational CD.

Karooshi Porn (3 Cd's) Bjorn Frogelberg (Ex C64 composer) presents a great varied CD with a balanced variety of styles and sounds.

Extreme Assualt and Tunnel B1 - (8 Cd's of Each album) The legendary Chris Huelsbeck delivers the music of the The Pc Gameworld in these award winning CD's.

Cipher (3 CD's) A great Collection of music from The Alpha Conspiracy

Also up for grabs is a Synsoniq T-shirt.


The rules are very simple…. Remix 3 sids into 1. Now the question lies how do you perceive that. Well there are no right or wrong way to do this. You could make 3 tracks and blend them into each other or you could say take the drums of one, the baseline of another and the melody of another and wham you got the remixes in one. The winners will not be descriminated for what ever style they go for.

  • Remix64 will only accept remixes in Mp3 format.
  • The minumum length must be 3 mins there are no maximum length or size limits.
  • Sponsors and persons from Remix64 are not permitted to enter
  • The decision of the panel will be final

How To Enter:

Simply click on the e-mail button at remix64 and attatch your Mp3. Remember to state your name and the three tunes you have remixed.


1st Prize:

Audiophonik, Immortal, Cipher, Extreme Assault, Tunnel B1, Karooshi Porn, Unfortunate Brain Chemistry, Talisman, Merregnon, The Wanderer, Signed Copies of Back In Time 1 and 2 (A Total of 12 CD's)

2nd Prize:

Audiophonik, Immortal, Cipher, Extreme Assault, Tunnel B1, Karooshi Porn, Unfortunate Brain Chemistry, Talisman, Merregnon, The Wanderer. (10 Cd's)

3rd Prize:

Audiophonik, Immortal, Cipher, Karooshi Porn, Unfortunate Brain Chemistry, Talisman, Merregnon, The Wanderer. (8 CD's)

4th - 9th Prize:

Extreme Assault, Tunnel B1

10th Prize:

Synsoniq T-shirt

Closing Date:

December 1st 2001 (midnight)


Remix64 would like to thank the following sponsors for their contributions and time….

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open_in_newMerregnon Development Team

open_in_newBjorn Lynne aka Divinorum

open_in_newSeth Sternberger

open_in_newBjorn Fogelberg

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open_in_newSynsoniq and Chris Huelsbeck

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