BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo now accepting entries!

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BIT Live 2022 Remix Compo

Now accepting entries!


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Compo Rules


Your entry must be a remix (a mashup or a medley) of two or more original C64 SID tunes or Amiga modules from at least two different composers. You must select tracks from the list of composers below who will be VIP guests at the party, and only from these composers (i.e. your entry cannot remix tracks from any other composer):


Acceptable Entries
  • a remix of a Chris Huelsbeck Amiga module and a Jeroen Tel SID
  • a remix of a Chris Huelsbeck Amiga module, a Chris Huelsbeck SID and a Jeroen Tel SID
Invalid Entries
  • a remix of two different Chris Huelsbeck tracks (has to be a remix of tracks from at least two different composers)
  • a remix of one Jeroen Tel track (has to be a remix of at least two tracks)
  • a remix of a Rob Hubbard track, a Chris Huelsbeck track, and a Jeroen Tel track (Rob Hubbard is not one of the VIP composers listed above)

Additional Rules

  • Format: MP3s only
  • Your remix should be a new, never before published piece.
  • Your remix can be of any length, but in the compo it will be faded out after 4 minutes.
  • You can submit only one entry to the compo.
  • Upload your entry with the form below.
  • Optionally, provide any additional comments you may want to share about your remix in the form below.

Deadline for Entries

  • 2022. October 16, 23:59 Central European Time

Submit Your Entry

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