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It was the year 1986, when my dad bought the Commodore 64c with its datassette and some cassete games with it.I was almost 5 years old back then.One of the games was titled Monty On The Run with its amazing music by Rob Hubbard. We bought many other games since then along with the 1541 disk driver.

After many years (1996) I started experimenting in music composition, djing and production while attending guitar and synthesizer lessons. My main work involves Hip Hop, House and Electronic music (detailed information about my releases is available on my facebook page), but I ocassionally I like to try different things. I also make SID music DJ SPACE sid track releases , illustrations and pixel art Retroperksas well.

Among others , the sid music inspired me in my music composition journey. Still love it, still listening to it and still playing games on my childhood Commodore ..till death do us part!

DJ Space.

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