Zzr - Guitar Slinger remake 2011

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Zzr Adept
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I always wanted to remake this fine Track, but never really started it. Finally i made my own Version of the Slinger, even though it surely has its flaws. Unfortunately since windows 7 i cant record my guitar any longer, so i had to work with the last windows xp riffs i recorded. damn you, microsoft. anyway, i hope you can enjoy this remake. cheers.

A daring try on a quite complicated track. Not all the way up there, but surely on a good path.:)
Good to see Zzr is back on track (and this time with a really nice Jogeir-remix)
Extremely hard track to remix, but you did pretty good. Overall a bit sloppy, but nice work!
I'd rather listen to the MOD, nice effort.
Very nicely done. Keep it up!
Sounds good, especially from ~2:40 onwards (love the extended melody). With a little polish this would be great. So, how about Sound o'da Lunatic ($volkraq/Gollum)?:)
Profanity!!!, I love this tune
Not a bad remix. Only thing I didn't like was the electric leads. The Acoustic sound of the original is better.
Very nice instruments, especially acoustic and electric guitars, but I don't like the mix in itself, the ac. Guitar is almost behind the pads and the e. Guitar is very very shy
Great Liljedah, also great arranger ZZr :)
More own ideas, more interpretation! :D
Nobody ask it's the original, but it's good nostalgic remake. Brings me back.
Verny nice own interpretation. Despite the fact that the original was recorded in G# and you opted to record in A (which make it sound differently) doesn't take away from the fact you tried to put in your own influences and vibe which is great!

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