V. Kaufmann - W.A.R.

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Started off not too bad, but once the guitars hit around the 2:30min mark it became much better. Just pipped the orange face :)
Beginning could be better but from 2:34 it really starts to rock! Very enjoyable and I keep going back to it so that's a good sign!
Volker, I really like your guitar play... Please do more remixes!!
Agree with others... When the guitar starts is when this starts. Really good from 2:30 onwards
For me, this beats REF2, which was kinda SID with drums. Full length W. A. R with extensive guitar? Much respect and Red Face.
It has everything I wanted in a WAR remix and more. Nailed it
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Epic! The entire ~10 min of W. A. R. is covered here, which is respectable by itself - but this remix is also really, really good! Starts with a synth intro that did not impress me that much, but once the guitar kicked in at 2:30 it really got my attention. From that point on it just keeps rolling, occasionally with dissonant, but mostly with prog-rock sections, with electric guitars dominating the rest of the remix. I think this is as close to the prog-rock style I'm guessing Mr. Hubbard originally imagined for this track as we'll get. Bravo!