Tim Forsyth - Terra Cresta

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This was almost another remix that never was.


I had a decent enough prototype for the track and had some fantastic constructive feedback from friends and the community but then I hit numerous technical issues, the challenge of taming an unruly mix and THAT lead.


It's so iconic, the lead, something I didn't appreciate back when the game launched. It was years later when I heard it on a SID chip with a more open filter, along with Jogeir's amazing Back in Time remix that I realised it was one of Martin's best.


I got the arrangement almost perfect and then failed time and time again as I threw plugins at it to emulate the filter (Moog Filtatron came close) and make it sit well in the track. It sounded OK, but lacked that distorted creamy low mids you get from the SID.


Turns out the SID filter beats everything else! Thanks to the Antti Lankila's filter disortion guide, I was able to get an export of the voice from jsidplayer sounding almost perfect. I had to add some extra saturation and delay/widening to make it float in the mix but I think it sounds pretty decent.


Also, I have no idea what was going on in my head when I started shouting I will destroy you, I guess I was getting caught up in the end level boss battle.


EDIT: wow, I just found this quote from Martin on deepsid. This is exactly what I was aiming for in this mix because that's how the original came across to me. I had no idea this was his brief for this song:


I tried to create this feeling of a massive behemoth robot monster on its way to destroy you. Thus the marching beat and the minor chords and stark tones.

Just awesome!
I was never a big Terra Cresta fan, but this remix really captures the feel of the original and expands on it. Well played, Tim!
Loving this track, by far my favourite Terra Cresta remix. Great work Tim 👍
I always was (and still am) a fan of Razmo's (RIP) version of TerraCresta. This one is most excellent. You perfectly nailed the lead sound even though it sometimes gets buried a tad too much for my taste.
Nothing to add :-)!
Great combination of legacy and modern sounds.
Cracking remake, love the homage at beginning especially.
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Tim must have a built-in awesomizer. Somehow he was able to take an iconic Galway tune and make it even better. We don't even get to hear the iconic lead until 3 minutes into the tune, but it's not like it's all boring up to that point, on the contrary. And that lead: why mess with perfection, just use the SID as-is! And then he goes into his now-signature improv section that always elevates his remixes to new heights, and it's no exception here. I'm absolutely blown away by this remix!