Tim Forsyth - TASK III ++

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I spent the past month working on every corner of my original mix in an attempt to tweak, enhance and improve every element and add some new ideas. I figured I'd also learn something about mixing, which I did.


Normally I get all the levels right, apply an simple EQ and I'm done, but in this case, I tried as best I could to widen the mix, EQ everything individually, glue everything together and make it sound more professional.

Much thanks to LaLa for lending an ear, some great ideas and taking far more time than I could ever have expected to give feedback.


The snares caused me all sorts of grief, picking the right samples, shaping them and making it punchy took far more work than I realised it would.


I'm really happy with the results, hope you like it, although your mileage might vary depending on how much you like synth heavy remixes or my original.

Massive props for the effort alone. That is one of the toughest SIDs to remix IMO. I know the original by bytes, the attention of detail in your remix is remarkable. Very nice work. /footnote: if only Frank Endler made more SIDs...
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I am so glad, Tim, that you decided to keep working at your Task III remix! This ++ version is what I now consider THE ultimate Task III remix! It's an absolutely brilliant piece that follows the original very closely. The arrangement is spot on, the instrument selection is superb. And I am glad my little feedback helped you make the final mix sound even better. I just can't get enough of this remix, I keep listening to it over and over again, because it always puts a huge smile on my face. I have always been a fan of the original SID, but I have become an even bigger fan of this remix of it. Just brilliant!