Tim Forsyth - LED Storm Highscore

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I started this remix back in July for the Arok party - I forgot about the deadline and started it too late (with a week to go), it was too tight but to make matters worse, I then decided I wanted to use an acoustic guitar.


So I dug my old guitar out of the attic, which I haven't played for 20 years. It was broken and I couldn't play! I was never any good anyway, I learnt when I was 8 but never kept it up during my teen years.


The remix was put on permanent hold until I could at least form some chords and strum in time. Forward wind 3 months with a lot of practise and sore fingers, I'm getting there. My new challenge is to try to make the cheap guitar I bought sound good with my cheap mic. It's passable I think.


One of the fun tasks of making these remixes is figuring out chord changes, it's normally pretty straightforward but Tim Follin seems to have a habit of being more Jazz and unconventional. I'm still a novice when it comes to music theory, but I *think* I interpreted it correctly, DMaj7, C/A, GMaj7, F6. F6? 2 years ago I would have had no idea that existed.

GarageBand is back on drumming duties, it's cheating a little but you get nice realistic patterns and fills.

The trumpet and sax are from pianobook, Water Trumpet and double bass and Tenor Saxaphone


Hope you like it, at the end is my little homage to the brilliant Amiga version.



Love this! It's technically awesome and it also beautifully retains that unique Follin sound!
Superb rendition!
Another faultless remix. Superb! Work Tim
It's beautiful, it's warm and comfy, it's organic, it's relaxing, it's... Perfect.
F'ing fantastic.

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