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In 1921 Walther Ruttmann created some awesome animations with oil paintings on glass, which to the uninitiated would have appeared pointless.
Though, what he did was foresee the demo scene.

I made a remix of Tomas Danko's SID called Opus II, and by accident stumbled across the works of Walther Ruttmann in the process to find visuals, and they both have a very nice noir feel to them.
I did not expect them to line up so well some 100 years apart, but I guess people are people, and they do people things!

Here's to a 100 more years of human exploration!

As for the track itself, for me, it was a story about a young person with anguish within that needed resolution, but did not know how to so he did music.

After a while, things crystallized and things started to fall into place with what goes where.

It is out of sync with itself somewhat at the start, but it finds itself toward the end, just like he did.

This track is part of the 8-Bit Symphony, regenerated, and taken back in time.

Love the build up, the violins, the marching bass notes and it settles into this lovely groove at the end. Great work!
Very very nice. Super-plus-points for the mix with those old oil aminations, which blend old with old(er) in an innovative way.
You understood the meaning of Opus II!
Excellent remix.
This remix is pretty damn good.
Awesome remix, great athmosphere
It's Ok!
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This becomes very emotional to me, not only because I happened to have written the original version. Not only because I was not even a teenager at the time. No, this is very emotional to me because I made this SID as self therapy in a very dark period of my early life. And Slaygon has managed to convey this impeccably.