Saga Musix - Lotus 3 - Metal Machine Remix

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Lotus 3 was a big part of my childhood, and so was its music - first on the PC speaker, then on the OPL soundchip, and way later the original Amiga MOD music. I've previously done another Lotus remix that I don't like all that much anymore, and I've started a couple of other Lotus remixes that never got very far, so it was time to make a new one.

It's weird how some remixes come to life... In this case, for quite a while I have imagined that the Metal Machine track would sound really cool with an accompanying clap line. Whenever I had the tune playing in my head, I imagined it with this clap rhythm that I am using in this remix now.
So some day in 2012 I sat down, fetched some fitting clap samples and made my imagination come true! My brother assisted by providing the guitar samples. It took us quite a while to record everything, since it was damn hard to play some of the sequences, and many were recorded twice for proper stereo effects. But in the end, it paid off!

Also, big thanks to T-101 for helping me with the drums. Making pure drum recordings sound good is painful. Now they finally sound kinda okay to me...

Original MPTM project file and OGG version can be downloaded at

It's a solid effort, but it sounds a bit stiff. But it's quite promising, and a rock-centered remix is always a welcome addition.
Instruments could be a bit better. I know this doesn't interest everyone but it's fucking DR14! :D 22.12.2014
Solid work on this! Indeed it's between DR14 and DR16, much dynamic range! The opposite of the "loudness wars" :D
Not too bad.

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