Rune-Bertil's - Arkanoid (Tjorven mix)

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SWING!!! Very GM sounding but still like what Rune has done here.
The sound is a wee bit cheesy and cheap, but the idea, and the fact that Rune-Bertils is a propper Swedish, Astrid Lindgren inspired, dansband adds extra flavour to the curry, and bumps the over all impression up!
This would fit perfectly in a sircus act. Perhaps not Doink the clown, but Amadeus the juggler.
Not bad at all!:-)
Very nice one. Superb arrangement imho.
Well done for remixing it in such a different way.
Not quite expecting that sort of remix, but I like it!
Unexpected, clever, slightly stiff sounding and definitely cheesier than a explosion in an edam factory but really fun
Fantastic song!
Great swing arrangement! The instruments could use polishing and/or more effects, because the mix sounds too dry. But kudos for everything else!
Hey, this makes me swing! A very good Idea and very well executed, what else could I say? This is just what a good remix has to be like.
Althought not for orange in my book, I give orange because of it's originality & effort you used for remixing this.
Nice take on a great swing 64 track..... Keep them coming......
Maybe a bit too loosely tied to the original. A bit.
Nice, but I was expecting it to sound like arkanoid from martin galway, sounds nothing like it, or its spirit.
One of my Rune Bertils favourite!!
A bit to plastic fantastic, and not on your nowadays level :) Love the piano, though
Fantastic. It would be a Nº! Hit, if the synth music was better. It sounds like a children CASIO keyboard.

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