Rapture - Pinball Prelude Medley

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Among the ranks of Amiga pinball games, Pinball Prelude is special in several ways. For starters it's one of the very few Amiga pinny sims that takes advantage of its format to do things you couldn't do on a real table – thus we have sidelanes that are actually waterfalls, flippers that are actually swishing lightsabres, and bonuses that turn your steel ball into rubber or cause it to transform into a creepy blinking eyeball. Prelude is also unique in that its three tables aren't themed around the usual subjects of cars or sports or space or horror movie archetypes; instead they're based on the past, the present and the future.

Coming to this remix, the game's time-hopping theme suggested a way in which something special could be done with its soundtrack. Thus we have this 13-minute (and a bit) piece that ties all of the main tunes together with sound effects inspired by the relevant tables. Past was a tranquil affair featuring rainforest scenery and wildlife including a tiny frog and a big triceratops; Present was the busiest table, with bonuses based around ringing numbers on a cellphone and negotiating a crowded car park; and Future was an industrial nightmare in which the player was tasked with batting little droids around a dystopian landscape in an effort to reduce pollution levels. The music and the effects in tandem aim to capture the distinctive character and atmosphere of each of the three eras, creating a medley that ultimately simulates a whistle-stop trip through the history of the planet Earth. We hope you enjoy the ride!


Equipment used: Korg 01RW Workstation, Korg X3R Workstation, Roland D550 Synthesizer, Roland XV5080 Synthesizer Sound Module & Expansion Boards, Yamaha CS6R Synthesizer, various Sound FX libs, Steinberg Cubase as main DAW & various VST instrument and mastering plugins.

ROTY 2016

1 Best Amiga Remix

For the effort!
EPIC! This is amazing, and really original, don't think this game's ever been remixed before!
This is just too good. Sound is pretty oldschool.:)
Beautifully produced and jam-packed with creativity and atmosphere, this is a bona fide musical adventure; wistful, haunting, thrilling, sinister and much more besides. Exceptionally, extraordinarily excellent in every way!
Past is good, Present is better but Future really kicks ass! A definite finale furioso and worth listening until the end!
Fantastic remixes from Rapture! I had no idea this game had reached so many!
Cool! Great balance throughout.
This sounds exceptional. Awesome mix! I would love to work together with you on 'fresh' tracks. This has all my votes! *both thumbs way up*
The perfect soundtrack for a Pinball Prelude remake!
All tunes are awesome in it! Pretty please... Can you do separate versions of tunes as well? From second one I've made myself a loop, I love it so much :)
Hands down one of the best Amiga remixes!
Very, very excellent!!!
So good!
Very nice. All time #1 huh.. :O
Nice Ambience.. I love the progression!
Review by neriakX


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Nice Story here in one track. It sure is a a top notch production! As many others already said.. it's kind of a journey the listeneres are going through. Keep it up mate!