Peter Clarke - Cybernoid II - (The Alt-Rock Mix)

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Cybernoid II - (The Alt-Rock Mix)
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Peter Clarke Specialist
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I remember Cybernoid II on the Amiga, quite well. I was excited at the time because of seeing & hearing the C64 version and, let's be honest, the Amiga IS a superior platform to the C64. So, my expectations were high both graphically & musically. Well... It was kind of a 'poor relation', despite the 16-bit advantage. The graphics were a little prettier but the gameplay was criticised heavily. And the music was the biggest disappointment. In the one, other area where the Amiga should have 'trounced' the C64, it failed miserably. Here's a re-imagining of that title-music, prog-rock style. There are parts in here from my own, 70's & 80's music influences. Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes & early synth-based rock. A bit of 'syrup' on the sax... and it all gets a touch 'Santana' towards the latter stages. I hope you like the vibe...

As a C64 remix, this takes Jeroen's original to a new place and it boots the crap out of the pale imitation that ended up as the Amiga version. This rocks!
Hits the soul my man.
Very good remix for The Blue Oyster music bar!
Mr. Clarke, you never cease to amaze me!
Oof, this some good shiii.. One guy didn't like the vibe.
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Mr Clarke, I thought it would be difficult for you to match your most recent, ROTY-winning remix. So, you've come at us from a different angle. This is a brilliant new remix. Giving this tune the Prog-rock treatment is inspired. Technically, it's tight and the riffs, licks & flourishes lift it beyond the title of remix. There's so much original creation here but I guess that's what an old-school, game-music composer can do. Outstanding!