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Oxx - Test Drive 2 - The Duel (Remix by Oxx)

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Oxx Newcomer
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C64 is my childhood computer and best friend! (apart from my identical twin brother, who recently also joined as ozgulkagan)


This is my second remix that I share here, and I hope it is better this time in overall quality.


I always try to maintain the original tone and tempo and also always include the significant sections as-is, of these masterpieces as they were made by their original composers, who is Kris Hatlelid in this case.


This sid is tough to work on I guess, because what it gives you to play with is somehow a bit short. But, here it is, anyway


I also found out that I couldn't keep myself from adding a bit of SADNESS to whatever I produce. Even when the accompaniment follows a flat major I manage to make it feel sad 😊 You can hear it in this remix too, so, sorry! 😊


DAW and VSTs used:

DAW: Cakewalk By Bandlab

Drums: 99 sounds & Cakewalk SI-Drum Kit (

Base 1, leads : T-Force Alpha Plus + TAL-BassLine ( (

Eh-oh vocal and Random Bells: Vital (

Attention attention: Text-to-speech, enriched by


Which are all free software.


Hope you enjoy it.

Reminds me of the old days.
Could have been even better if you had added a little variation to the 2nd half. But what's there is actually very enjoyable, well done!
Sounds good, like a modern demo mix. Not bad for a second showing!
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

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Overall rating

Very unique in style, let's call this electropop. It's quirky, it's robotic, it's - great! To my ears the mix is missing some final touches (little reverb, little delay), but that's just me nitpicking. Hugely enjoyable even after multiple listens.
Review by ozgulkagan


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Reminds me of the old days. One of the best of C64. What an era that was. Thank you.